I took all my content out of my Sims 4’s mods folder and removed cache and started on something new. It will have to be noCC for the time being.

I will have to wait on CC I’m using being updated for Cats and Dogs Expantion. If some of the content I’m using isn’t being updated, there’s no point uploading the lot with it in. I expect quite a lot of people is going to download all the content before the patch and content being wrecked, perhaps they even had it long time before even and think they won’t buy the exp, so no reason to update “mods”.

Some people call them all mods, but CC is something quite different. They shouldn’t usually need to be updated, but mods has to be monitored all the time, since EA comes with game updates quite often, and mods might even be updated outside of patches. Some issues might be more demanding to fix for a modder, so they need more time.

Deaderpool has even said that for this patch there is so much to do, he just started on the simpler things and plan on taking the rest as he can. Deaderpool makes possibly the biggest mod for Sims 4, the MC Command Center, which replaces Twallan’s Mastercontroller, Storyprogression etc on nraas for Sims3. What would this community do without the modders and creators using their free time making things for the game. 

Since the main new content is cozy wooden victorian in style, and has more roof styles in the patch. I started on a Victorian as best as I can. It will probably turn up a stylemix, as Victorian don’t appeal to me and we don’t even have it where I live. We do have cozy wooden though, and the windows and doors looks very nice for a scandinavian cottage style.

These roofs are best suited for a Victorian though, so Victorian it will be. This is only the patch and the content in the game so far, fits more with English/American styles. The scandinavian style windows and doors will come with the expantion on friday. 

In the picture above I’m fiddling with the new roofs. I’m liking the round one and when I drag the handles I end up with something that looks like a mushroom. I have already seen that with the previous tools though, this time though I can drag the roof edges very far down the roof itself. The roof here sits on top of the 4’th floor, while the cape or whatever you call it, covers the floor below. It suddenly looks like a house with only 3 floors, when it actually has 4. I lifted the cape a bit later on as I like the windows to show. 

Shift + C gives more options for distorting roofs. Shift + \ button on a norwegian keyboard downscales objects. While Shift + Å gives a bigger object, the button above Å on the right gives downscale.

The white dots on the roof then suddenly add on another one. I can then adjust the height of the roof on 3 different places. The 2 on the top adjusts the height on the bobble on the top roof, or perhaps you would like it to be very pointed? The next one adjusts the shape of the roof as such. The lowest adjusts the lift of the edge of the roof. If you drag the boomerang handle on the roof you can drag the cape down on a round roof, or drag it towards you on a straight traditional roof. 

Above you can see the 3 different handles on the traditional roof on the right. The height of the roof relative to the floor it’s covering, is adjusted with the arrow type handle. They adjust the length and width of the roof in each direction. Then it’s the dots and boomerangs already mentioned.

I’m building the house in Oasis Springs. It’s a desert world. The color of the world is very different on different types of day. That’s partly why I don’t like this world. I was thinking I could move it to Brindleton Bay when I get the expantion. Oasis Springs also has a very hispanic style.

The house fits this very blue light, because I started building with that light. I forgot how Oasis Springs suddenly changes color. I went for a blue monochrome kind of style, which works very nicely with a cold climate. 

Suddenly I had this urge to build mushroom houses and used the opportunity to make one on the roof. I kind of like this style. It’s something fun about it. It’s not that practical though. When the windows appear on the house, I have to reduce the roofs a bit, because cutting windows with the roofs isn’t something I can forgive apparently. It doesn’t look good.

As usual I wanted a smashingly beautiful backyard. I built some low roofs with column to give some shade. Some of the shapes on the upper floors ended up with a balcony instead of a roof. I thought some variety was a good thing. 

On the roof I ended up having to copy the roofs I already made, because I couldn’t make shift + C work anymore. I wonder if it might have some limits or something. It was also very difficult making all look the same. When I copied them they didn’t quite fit like a glow into each other. I probably have to do some subtle adjustments, putting one roof below the other and such things. I hope it won’t be too difficult. 

The low roofs on the backside porch glitch as well. They very often do that. It can be a real hassle making it look good, sometimes I just choose to ignore it. I’ll see what I’ll end up on this time.

Roofs like above the carpark on the right side, often have these white roof dividers as in TS3. I don’t like it, and tend to try the decoration between the floors as found in the roof section. They have a problem again though. They are as usually roombased and can appear inside a room on the inside of the house. 

One of the fancy roofs do the same though, suddenly I have this black line on the floor on a top floor. 

I was working on an evening setting in the game, and didn’t realised until I wanted to see a room in the Nighttime. I went for a subtle white and light blue on the windows. I wonder what the light in Brindleton Bay will be. 

Coming from far up north I like windows, but I tried to remove some where it didn’t compromise the look of the house. 

… and then my game crashed. So you won’t be able to see the house with more windows until I get back into my game to check how far I got with my save.

I’ll see if I can gather some pictures for next post for you as well. Cats and Dogs will be released on friday … at least in the US I think. I probably have to wait. I just bloody hate! waiting.