Playtesting lot in Beta world

Playtesting lot in Beta world

I love new worlds and I love taking pictures. So I did today. The infinity pool though is a nono. It goes back to it’s default shape after placing on a new lot. I had to use the cheat “SetImportedTerrainOffset” when I placed the lot. Such a house needs a good view. I talk more about cheats in my “words and expressions” menu at the bottom of my home.

This world is just a redoing of Sunset Valley. I haven’t used that world for some time, so I hardly remember what it looked like. The maker this time has an absolutely crappy graphics card. I mean, how can you work on ground covers if you can’t see them?


  • 080412 Shek-O-299
  • 080412 Shek-O-300
  • 080412 Shek-O-301
  • 080412 Shek-O-303
  • 080412 Shek-O-304
  • 080412 Shek-O-305
  • 080412 Shek-O-306
  • 080412 Shek-O-322
  • 080412 Shek-O-323
  • 080412 Shek-O-324
  • 080412 Shek-O-326
  • 080412 Shek-O-327
  • 080412 Shek-O-328
  • 080412 Shek-O-329
  • 080412 Shek-O-331
  • 080412 Shek-O-332
  • 080412 Shek-O-333
  • 080412 Shek-O-334
  • 080412 Shek-O-339
  • 080412 Shek-O-340
  • 080412 Shek-O-341
  • 080412 Shek-O-342
  • 080412 Shek-O-343


Playtesting is a chance to test decoration on the lot without it sticking to the lot. This image slider has a few pictures from before I placed the lot in the world. Most are from playtesting. You can see 2 pictures of the little square pool at the front. That’s infinity pool before copying and regular pool after placing on the new lot. So I better skip that plan. For my eyes only … and you watching the pictures:)

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