Today’s post will be rather heavy. I have included something about my Shek-O house at the bottom though. You can go there if it’s too much right now, and come back for more later.

I have found the staircase that would fit in my 130312 Villa Giulia. I can’t have any warped walls on those walls with windows in that corner. It just wouldn’t look good. So I have found Gosik at TSR with the unscripted version here. Then I have been reading on Inge Jones site Simlogical about how the scripted one works. It’s only in packagefiles and both versions can be in the game at the same time. If I use the one with a script, will the sims3pack just replace the object if the downloader choose to do so? Lets see … the sims3pack will follow any house and you can have both in your game. That probably means I have to choose for the downloader, doesn’t it? Perhaps I could make a package file out of the regular stairs by Gosik?

I always keep asking these in depth questions no one else bother about. Probably because I never take anything for granted, and I want to understand what’s happening. I think these staircases has different GUID’s as they call it, so it’s really two different ones. The Villa Giulia is only intended for this site, so I can do what I want probably. For me the animation walking down or up a spiral staircase when it’s obviously not, just looks silly. I have also been reading the comments on the Gosik animated version. Some talk about ruined spiral staircase animations. Buggy animations is just so charming  …

This house being intended for this site with mostly packagefiles makes it very easy to choose the scripted version with no animation. I also think perhaps this staircase won’t be that hard for a downloader to replace. I still need to build a good landing on the frieze to upstairs. I’m just thinking it’s the room around the spiral staircase upstairs landing as it is now, that’s causing my problems, but I may be wrong.


Then I went on to replace the packagefile of my marble on the 080412 Shek-O house with a sims3pack file. Look at the picture above. I want to see what I have included on the lot and how my files are labeled in Custard. So I install the sims3pack of my marble, restart the game and go all the way and look at the house. Then I share the lot to my export folder. In the Custard folder I open sims3packcleaner.exe. Select the file in the export folder and open it to have a look at it’s content.

In the picture to the left you can see my Shek-O lot. The first file below the yellow thumbnails is a pattern. I have clicked on it and know already it’s my yellow marble pattern. You can see the blue line now is a white stucco pattern I’m not sure where comes from. It has no description.

My pattern has no description either, but I can see it’s mine on the little image at the bottom. So now I know I have to fill in the description box when I make patterns. Good to know. I’m gonna remove the white stucco pattern and save the file as the same lot but with Custard in it. So I have 2 different files, an original and a custard copy.

I also see in this list I have a clear window I know is from Angela, and 3 files, windows, doors and columns from Denizzo_ist. I think that’s a bit odd. I have doors and columns from Denizzo_ist but no windows I think. It’s stuck there maybe because I started with the Denizzo_ist windows and then selected Angela’s instead. So now I know I can use both, but perhaps I should be removing one of them? If I now remove one of those files, I have to replace those missing pieces. I will show you why later. I don’t want to remove the Angela windows because I like them, and they will follow the file for TSR later anyway, so why bother. I don’t want to remove Denizzo_ist either, because I may want to use it later. I could clean up this mess before I upload it for TSR, I just need to be 100% sure what I remove. If I delete the wrong file I end up in a messy mess.

So I remove the stucco and install the file again as a new lot. Now the wall I didn’t want was suppose to be all white and impossible to recolor. It didn’t happen. I’ll take a break until the morning. We’ll see then.

Morning comes and why bother. Delphy calles it an Alpha on his site. What’s that? perhaps it’s more beta then the Beta? I can probably just post in his Custard thread calling him a noob. He would like that lolz. I got the information I wanted. My files needs a description and I don’t have a bunch of rubbish in my file. Except for the stucco, I can remove that before I upload for TSR. If I can get the program to work that is. More importantly I have showed you a bit about how it works. If I’m gonna argue with Delphy I better have my arguments sorted, so I move on to something different.

Before I go on to next subject I just have to check if the copy from yesterday is the same. It’s the same. Custard did not remove it. I think perhaps this teleport sims from one player to another needed a “clean up this pack” addition from EA rather urgant, so Custard may actually be broken.

Now I need a good picture at the top. So on to my lot. I’m going back to the original. Every copy I make seem to add more bugs. I think the marble I made is good, the color is just a bit too yellow. I also wanted to check out the pool side sun screen thingi. I have the pool roof or bridge from SimCredible installed, I also wants the Luna glass fence for ceiling installed. I install casa sobre cascada bottom of Rebujito2. I install it in a backup file I have, then I move them around. Today I use the sims3pack files in the game for that. In my folder now I have lots of Spanish names. 3 files with fence in there name. What I want is a fence, so I copy those to my downloads folder. Then I can see 3 icons in the launcher. I know Luna’s things for earlier attempt and I need a fence for this lot. I will install 2 of those fences.

Just for the record. Just copying files isn’t a good idea, but I have had a few crashed games before so I take my chances. Another thing, I now end up with 2 files instead of one, so I may just remove the file in my backup. Having room in a backup folder is better for package files, as I would move them in and out. On the other hand I now install 2 files in my sims3pack game, not all 10 in the folder I downloaded. I still have the other’s on my pc.

When they are installed I just close down the launcher and start it again. I like my things to be available immidiately, like you do, so I hope it works.

This house needs those little things, or details. So I go search for a fireplace and a staircase. Luna’s no 3 and 6 fireplaces could be nice. On the other hand the original house has a very bulky thing there. Almost looks like an argument with the client. Katelys on TSR has an old fashioned fireplace, could be good for such a feature. It fits, but still not quite. This fireplace from SimCredible I have used before, nice for a rustic atmosphere. Perhaps not quite here. What about this one? Then we’re back to Pets again. The last one has 2 revisions at TSR. Perhaps 1 of them is Pets?

For the staircase I think a wooden one would be good. I know Gosik has a straight one. What about this? Maybe Lilieboe instead with this?

Well, well … this post is now very long, and I have been working on this all yesterday too. I now just want to go on building, so I will update a staircase and a fireplace. Play along and I have a half finished youtube building video for you. My ingame live recordings keep crashing though, so I just need to work some more on making it worth watching. You have a nice weekend. See you in the morning.