New day and new possibilities. I turn my attention on Torstein Digre today. I had so many messages about child support, better check them out 🙂 When I get into the family Michelle is on her way to the Japanese sushi restaurant. She’s being passed by a limo … wonder who that can be.

Flatland Scenery

I was wrong, she goes to the tine little community lot I have beside the Flatland leisure harbor, not the restaurant. She meets up with Johanne Liljedal there, and Michelle is pregnant 🙂

Above Johanne is waiting for Michelle at the Flatland leisure boat harbor, she arrives in the car. In the background is the Skogen house and the Japanese restaurant to the right.

Michelle Vagle

I send her off to visit the Restaurant with Johanne instead. Above is Michelle at the Japanese restaurant ordering pizza. I forgot to press the tab camera taking this picture, hence the open roof.

Below is Johanne sitting by the sushi stove.

Johanne Liljedal

Suddenly I have all these people I know so well walking around. Sofia Digre is walking towards the harbor or her brother-in-laws house. I can’t run around like this, lets order a group meal of pizza. The oldest daughter of Røstland Alexandra, suddenly pops in and I take a picture of her. The picture of Alexandra wont cooperate, it only shows half.

Then I take some pictures of Torstein Digre posing. He don’t really fit that Hey You pose lol. The background is the Skogen house where he lives with Michelle.

Torstein Digre in pose

The son of Michelle Vagle, Finn is at the aquarium doing his homework there. I take a picture of him leaning over his homework, and he looks ok from what I can see. I take a picture of the shark instead, as I don’t want to interrupt his homework.

Aquarium scenery and inside

I turn my attention on the Cliffhouse family Rams. Catharina Rams is at the theater, perhaps time to make a live video? Below she enters in her work cloth, she became what do you call it? The top of business career earlier.

The theater

One of the mixologists in the bar is Svein Lie, one of my townies I. He’s looking quite good me thinks.

The theater, Svein Lie

The chef at the bistro kitchen is Klara Ullmann below, that’s another one of my townies. She is looking a bit strange though with the white chef hat and all the face paint.

The theater, Klara Ullmann

The babysitter is Silje Dokka, another one to take pictures of. She is a bit strangly painted, perhaps Klara is as well. I have to check with my Flickr faces. The cloth Silje is wearing is not the cloth I gave her I think.

Silje Dokka, babysitter

After that I can’t get Catharina Rams back from work and she’s stuck at the back of the Rams Corporation together with the journalist Hansteen. I obviously have too many plants there.

Business center pool

She did get to work, but going home she must have taken a trip to the back instead. The rabbithole I selected has a restaurant as well.

Perhaps Torstein should have paid better attention at the briefing? This is not working, Torstein has been degraded to medical practitioner

That message is in my language with my translation, feel free to add your own interpretation of it. This game really don’t like Torstein, now he’s been fired as well :D.

Then overwatch removes 3264 vehicles, where did they all come from? I don’t even have that many parking places.

The theater

The only thing the theater is missing is entertainers, but they keep growing in this world, I’m sure they will come very shortly. This is just my second day testing, and it’s not that many hours. I’m taking live video shots of the theater and the Cliffhouse at the same time, perhaps I will upload some later on.

The theater

I’m using the posts for this blog to note down important thing, but this character I forgot to note down. I have to find a name for her if I use her for the mts submission. Ah I found her, Benedikte Dikeland 🙂

I tried changing the outfits of the inactive characters back to what I gave them originally with Mastercontroller, but the outfits I could choose wasn’t the one’s I gave them.