Lofoten is a peninsula in Northern Norway with lots of little Islands. It’s well known for it’s beauty, fishing and wild life. It’s above the arctic circle, closer to the north pole than most of us has ever been. Røst is an island in this landscape well known for it’s bird mountain. I wanted to make the mountain and then have lots of flat land around it.

I have put a lot of effort into finding the right terrains and mixing them to make it look smooth with the steep terrain. One of my passions are lot building and interior design, I have used this project for a lot of testing. I like doing different kind of things though, but I still kept to my original theme of a realistic, but beautiful Røst Island with the architectural style of Scandinavian and Norwegian modern to traditional. The last one is new builds though, just in a traditional style. Some lots has a themed style, that would be realistic on a modern Island.

Main focal points in making this world.

I have been putting a lot of effort into some of my community lots, if you can see one cooherent style you’re a really good one Here is everything from a cave themed brown bar, a ultry modern white with lots of colored lights waterpark, a very funky chocolate live entertainment venue, and a Chinese themed entertainment venue. A world can be really complicated when it comes to gameplay though, so there may be lots of things I didn’t understand along the way. This world should be top for entertainers with all 5 lot types from Showtime. Make the Theater a big show venue when needed, that will make it into a rabbithole though, not much fun in that 

Another one of my main plans was wildlife. The mountain has walkable routes all the way to the top. You will have to look for the routes in the terrain though, I decided against pathways because I couldn’t make them look right, and they ruined all routing. It was much easier without. The flat land also has some very nice strolling areas and lakes, beaches. You can swim almost everywhere as I can think of, unless there is a lot in the way. The backside of the mountain though may not be that easily accessible, but that was a part of my plan. You may swim there as well. Helleren is an area full of snakes and nasty things hopefully  In my country winter can be very nice with sports and making snowangel’s or igloo’s, these days it’s mostly a big sad miss though. Stranda is very much made to look good in winter as well, and has wintersports at Skredkollen.

Tourisme was another focus of mine, so the socalled campsite in this world is much bigger than usually, with lots of tiny rooms, but still lots of fun. You will find the golf course there too. I have used it with Twallans mods several times and it was full of people, but I never travelled with the mod. The harbor in this world has a ferry, but it does not seem to travel off with your Sims, sorry about that. You will have to own it probably. This world has 3 harbors, 2 leisure types with lots of boats big and small, a few houseboats on both sides of the lighthouse and the ferry harbor. I’ve always been very much into functionality though, so items or buildings without any functions I have left out. The harbor for that reason doens’t look like you imagine most harbors does, but with Island Paradise houseboat options I got some real functional cafe and boatable ferry instead. You may make it residential instead if you like the thought of being a ferryman.

For more information look at the download on mts. I will concentrate on keeping it updated there. Below is some details about what the areas consists of, the same text is on the download, but more fluently. The information here is more related to my readers and they should be used to seeing pictures from caw and build mode with white squares and blue lines 🙂 List of future updates at the bottom. I don’t feel like I need to be as formal here as on mts 🙂

For the future: I have also taken more updated pictures of the nature and the hole world. I’m also preparing a video of only screenshots, it’s a lot of them so I have to decide on wherther I want several episodes or one longish … not longer than 15 minutes I think. I will upload it with music, not my own voice.


Main area’s, updated maps:


Main Areas November 2013


  • Location for the Mountain Lodge Hangout. Traditional Mountain hotel widely used in wintertime as a place to warm up after a long day in the slopes. It has bar, food register, piano, music and nice rooms and suites upstairs.
  • Sportspark and waterpark just beside it.

The mountain Lodge in the evening

FredVang area, the city center:

  • Mainly the Townhall in the Stage of Politics is a great venue for shows. It has a conference center or just a cinema downstairs.
  • Festival park with wedding venue and lots more.
  • Houses and community lots in this area.

Flatland Area:

  • A more affluent hood with a leisure boat harbor, and a long beach for swimming or fishing adopted to Island Paradise.
  • Community Pool with bars and a sandbox for the kids.
  • Digre Estate, ThreeAngle750’s Celebrity house and much more.
  • A couple of very nice bars, a park and night clubs.

Helleren Cliff lot


This place is made after at farm called Helleren in Jøssingfjord. It’s basically a cliff overhanging the house. Should be a crappy place to live, or absolutely perfect depending on your feelings for snakes and other wild creatures. It’s a long way home with no road after work. Picture above.


This is close to the nightlife district at Flatland, but still far enough to have some calm and quiet. It’s a sheltered bay with some hilltops.

  • Dive lot.
  • Towards the city center and Brekka may be a few houses.
  • The Statement is a funky red couple house, picture below is taken in playtesting on my Rendalen DIY playable world.

090413 The Statement


Close to the mountain is a less developed area for an evening stroll. One of the routes to the mountain ends up here.

  • The Modern Tomb, or Graveyard if you wish:)

Ryptinden Area:

  • Martial Arts Academy provides stay over facilities and a bar in case you find yourself unable to get down from the mountain before nightfall.
  • The Olivia Restaurant sitting on the upper part of the waterfall. Should be noisy and beautiful
  • Elevator to get you down fast, ends up in the center with the consignment store.

310713 Stokkvika

Stokkvika Area:

  • A couple of lots in this area, be careful about tearing. Work in a backup just in case.

Bergskallen Area:

  • Old fishermans hut ready for your little creation
  • Cave, because of the very steep location be careful about lot tearing. This lot was planned as a cave because it won’t hurt the ground that much.

Middle waterfall basin terraced park

Vestervassdalen Area:

  • Middle waterfall basin with a terraced tropical park.
  • A mine made by LMFAO.
  • The Cliffhouse.
  • Nice area to swim and fish at the bottom.

Lets then move on to the Plains.


Havly/Ramsvika/Sandneset Area:

Lets just include the hole peninsula in this. Beach area with a leisure boat harbor. This is a less protected area from storms and waves, I have placed some dive lots here, but they are not decorated in any way. This area have some family houses and starterhouses.

  • Aquarium has several animal cages, a big pool with a shark, and a bar serving pizza.
  • The Chocolate is located at Sandneset. It’s a funky and slightly goth stage venue.
  • Sports Stadium.
  • The Fishingvillage was made even before I could place any houses on this map, it’s still there. It’s now the location for the Canal Apartments. It looks really easy, but do not be fooled. It’s ponds you see, not pools 😉

Holsøyan area:

Lake area with houses on the waterfront. Lovely outdoor strolling area. A brown bar with a bit of a cave theme is overlooking the lakes. Nice area for collecting butterflies and such.

Hamnen Area:

This is like a ferry harbor, mostly a bunch of very different things and they influence each other dragging it down. Still I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s actually a rather nice place to watch fishingboats unloading their cargo and you can buy a boat from the port if you like.

  • Ferry houseboat with a cafe in the basement.
  • Firestation.
  • Criminal hideout with Casino and a jungyard accross the street
  • Fishmarket/Elixirshop.
  • Diner, Grocery and the Cheap Mistake Hostel.
  • Disco on the pier.
  • Resort lot from Island Paradise waiting for you to build on.
  • Albertine houseboat.

Stranda Harbor and trees

Brekka area:

This is the inland area closer to the harbor with the ferry. Here is the Science center, hospital, military, police and so on.

  • Equestrian Center with a Riding School across the street.
  • Nectary with vegetables, beehives and naturally a nectar maker in the basement.
  • Two farms, a small and a big one.

Zandvoort house surroundings


It’s a corner of the island with the lighthouse and graveyard. It’s a foggy and marshy area, quite spooky actually. That may be the reason why only poor people and criminals stay here.

  • The Criminal hideout rabbithole.
  • Tømmerkoia by JohnnyBravo at mts. A house for an elderly couple maybe?

MS Langøra


This is the narrow bay between the Storfallet marshland and the Saubukta area. It’s a very nice place for a beachhouse with a boat dock. One lot has not be built on yet. Sandy beaches and a narrow pathway to the Saubukta divelot.

  • A fastfood kiosk
  • Scandinavian style house with a greenhouse at the back
  • A starterhouse and a small hispanic style house with a boat dock.


Downloads are so far, in two versions, not populated is the default Stranda World file, while the populated version is the one named pop.

Versions: V2 – fixed access to the backside of Business rabbithole

Download Not populated

Download Populated

Downloads on modthesims (mts)

Populated, unpopulated and DIY. Note the empty world does not need any stuff packs.

Choose your Download

For this world you NEED:

  • CC Used: Jynx Rugs for the townhall only, download the after 1,26 in most cases. Yogi-Tea 1/4 elevator shaft (House: The Statement, will not work without)
  • BahHaus windows and doors (without them you will have a lottery on your hands thanks to EA’s replacements).
  • Lucky Palms: Unless you have a curtain fetish of some sort 🙂 I have used the straight curtains from that world in tons of houses. If you download the gold version you also have the Casino included along with the columns and fountain for the Art and Concrete house.

EA Store items recommended:

  • Itadakimasu! Japanese Sushi Kitchen. Used the sushi oven on several lots, always as optional. The ceiling lamp has been used as lamp on the Cliffhouse among others.
  • Lucky Simoleon Casino. Criminals shabby bar by the main harbor use it’s blackjack table, works as a regular bar without. Column and Fountain used on the Art and Concrete house, but works nicely without.
  • Monte Vista. The wood oven has been used in some houses, the regular stove it’s replaced with may just be switched for a counter. Several lots use the Bravo Bistro table and chair, will be replaced randomly if you don’t have it.
  • Sunlit Tides gold version, or standard and the Serenity Retreat. The Massage table is used at the Beauty Salon and gym, the Sauna used at the gym and waterpark. All will work nicely without. Sunlit Tides curtains and flower lights has been used as deco some places, will most likely be replaced with some random lights. The plants from the world have been used in the Italian Garden and the Waterpark. The bed used on the Albertine houseboat.
  • Dragon Valley wall plants and castle ruin deco used at the resort, available in the standard version. Climbing plants used in other lots, might be replaced. The Resort will be less interesting without those items, but still functional. Roof decoration used on Anker Farm, jolly good without. Archery range from DV’s festival lot used mainly on the Skredkollen Sportspark for fun, needed? Nope!
  • Business as usual Bistro used in some community lots as optional kitchen furnishings and restaurant functionality. They will all work without.
  • Skylight studio for the performing arts. Danse floor and barre used in the Theater as optional added lot functionality, can be downloaded as Premium Content on it’s own. Wall lights from the venue may have been used, but probably not. Either is not needed.
  • The coffee bean Hipster Loft. Windows used in the brick hipster house. Furnishings from the set used in the same house. Items will be replaced by the game.
  • Haute Hip. Windows used in the brick hipster house. Furnishings used in the same house, and other houses. All will be replaced if you don’t download.
  • Barnacle Bay or Buccaneer’s Bounty for one flower arrangements and a fountain for the Spanish Steps, you’ll do fine without.
  • The Dramatic Palm is used on the Spanish Steps and some other places. Nice plant, but hardly needed.
  • Savvy Seller’s Collection is used on the Grocery market for added functionality. It will work with nectar and food register in the basement without the shop set.
  • Milkin’ It Dairy Corral is used on the Anker Farm, you can do very well without. Well … it dropped out of the save for some reason, the room for it is still there and easy to place.
  • Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop is used on Anker farm and Digre estate, both works fine without. You only need to download the Premium Content at the bottom. Same as above.

CC recommended downloaded:

  • Arts and Concrete House and The Cliffhouse: 2 sets of paintings Rebujito from Luna and 3 sets Obrazy XL from mylittlethesims3world.
  • The Silver Pavilion 50×50 and the Festival lot: Silver Ceilings from Luna is not needed but highly recommended. “Set futurista“, the set with structures and 2 bridges.

CC included, but not CC in game. Textures for the world file will not be visible or available in game.

  • My own terrain paints: Base Texture for blending (grass_medium_base.dds), Lawn with white flowers (VolvenomLawnWFlowers.dds), Light grass (VolvenomStrandaLowCutGrass3.dds), Darker grass (VolvenomShortGrass.dds), Mossy Rock for the mountains (VolvenomRockMossyPaleSeamless.dds), Varied stone for beach (VolvenomDirtPebbles.dds), Brownish beach sand (VolvenomGravelSand.dds), Dirt composite (VolvenomDirtcomp.dds), Very light sand (VolvenomColdsand.dds), Recolor of EA via Martine dark stone (VolvenomBrownStone2.dds), Little stones (VolvenomStoneySand.dds), Seamless stone (Martine_Rock_Granite_Detail_B.dds), Slightly bigger small stones (VolvenomPebbles.dds), Weed grass (Martine_Grass_Weeds.dds), EA grass for blending (grass_dark_detail.dds), Dark dirt for soil (Volvenom_EA_Dirt_Dark_Base.dds)
  • Road Textures used: Street textures (VolvenomAsfalt2.dds, Volvenomdirt_street_detail2.dds), Sidewalk textures (VolvenomConcreteSidewalk3.dds, dirt_sidewalk_base_n.tga, Full_opacity.dds), Crosswalk textures (VolvenomConcreteSidewalkCorner3.dds, dirt_intersection_corner_n.tga, Cred: DeviantArt_Akinum asphalt05turned.dds).

Exp needed:

  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
  • Late Night
  • Generations
  • Pets
  • Showtime
  • Supernatural
  • Seasons
  • TownLife
  • High-End Loft
  • Outdoor Living
  • Island Paradise