I have made more than 180 Sims for this world, I can’t be sure how many I need in total. This is a list of mainly resident Sims I have made for the populated version. Not everyone likes populated worlds, so I have made two different versions. I will not be including all the pictures here, you can find most on my Flickr, link in the right sidebar. They will all be in the Sims set I have made, labeled with their names. Residents now also have a “resident” tag, to make it easier for me to find the faces to go with the names. It isn’t easy to remember all these people:)

Except for the resident families who is part of a storyline, I will just try to fill jobs for residents, townies and NPC’s according to mts tutorial on how to do that, and what I need. The tutorial has not been updated since Seasons or something, so I have to fill in some for the last expansions.

The populated version will be on mts so I treat myself to some sliders and makeup. I have been using Arisukas specialeffects as they add a bit of lived life, I’ve also fell in love with Elexis watercolor contacts. The three lipsticks has also been used a lot. The sliders listed below is the sliders I have use, and some has been used more than others naturally. These downloads are all packagefiles, so if you don’t download them you will end up with a trazillion EA puddingfaces, but you won’t need to wait for the game to make them. The cloth for these Sims are from the exp and stuff packs needed for this world, I may have let a few EA store items slip through, but it will be from the store sets recommended for the world.

Spreadsheet with names and jobs here. Flickr with pictures, names and character build here.

[highlight]Below is the things I will be using for the Sims listed. They are all package files, if you don’t download the makeup – no makeup on the Sim. If you do not download the sliders used on a Sim, you will get a regular EA Sim.[/highlight]

Elexis: MTS_Elexis_1315660_WatercolourContactsByElexis
Newseasims: Lipstick Juice 005 and 006
Lemonleaf: S_Club_privée_Lip_N31

MTS_teru_k_1340975_ESkin-NaturalLight and 1340976_ESkin-nATURALTAN



[highlight]Resident Sims lives in houses and fill roles only resident Sims can fill. [/highlight]


  • The Rams family owns the modern spectacular Cliffhouse. They have been running this place in constant fighting for power with the Digre family. The Rams have chosen a modern path with modern houses, and going into roles like business and art. They have the hole world as their playground these days. Perhaps they will let the Digre family run this little island from now?
  • Digre stil lives on the same site as always, but their old house burnt down in the same fire as everyone elses house. They built a modern house in traditional materials on the same site. They can now take the more traditional jobs in the community almost without rivals. Traditional jobs like medical, political, law and science.
  • An arabian family moved here to escape prosecution in his home country. He took 4 wifes with him and naturally he can’t keep them all as wifes. Who will he keep, and what will the others do?
  • The Anker family runs the big farm. The Anker brothers are really mean, but at least the oldest boy married a good farm girl. Unlike the Røstland boy.
  • Røstland runs the little farm on the island. He married a useless city girl, what useful can she do with her life. Perhaps with so many kids she doesn’t need to.
  • The Helleren family is the poor family keeping mostly to themselves struggling to make ends meet, and then one of the kids manages to get noticed somehow?
  • Hope family consists of a mother and 2 adult kids and a boy. They live at a mining lot made by LMFAO, it has a digger and with your help they may get rich, or perhaps the Rams at the Cliffhouse kick them out?

Therese Dovresol

Therese Dovresol: She’s a beautiful woman and she knows it so well. Traits: Ambitious, Partyanimal, Snobb, Grumpy and Athletic. Lifetime wish: have a bunch of money. Zodiac: Virgo. Favourites: classical music, salad and blue.

Sofia Røstland

Family Røstland:

Frank Røstland is a farmer, and a very dedicated one. Why did Sofia marry a farmer, and is she even old enough to have 4 kids? She thinks she’s a beauty after all the surgery she’s had, but still can’t help wearing all that makeup. Everyone else knows the surgent was a fraud. Tulla is just a kid, Hanna has inherited her fathers down to earth attitude, Alexandra is the only one with a good name according to her mum. Torben is a boy, but you only know because I told you.[ordered_list style=”upper-roman”]

  1. Frank Røstland. He’s a farmer and a very dedicated one. Handy, disiplined, loves outdoors, familyman, green fingers. LW: a perfect garden. Zodiac: Capricorn, Favourites: Hamburger, country and green.
  2. Sofia Røstland. Why did she marry a farmer, and is she even old enough to have 4 kids? She thinks she’s a beauty after all the surgery she did, but still can’t help wearing all that makeup. Probably because she knows the surgeon was a fraud. Traits: Ambitious, athletic, childish, diva and animal lover. Lifetime wish: Adopt a unicorn, Zodiac: Scorpion. Favourites: Wafles, pop, chocking pink.
  3. Hanna Røstland. Kid. She has thankfully inherited her fathers down to earth attitude, but her mother is of cause not happy. She loves outdoors, is rebellious and is determind to save every penny she ever gets. Favourites: hamburger, country music and green like her father. She’s also a capricorn.
  4. Alexandra Røstland is of cause her mothers favourite with that name, but not in person. Yet again the mother lost. She’s handy, bookworm, adventurous and has green fingers. Favourites: tofuroll, soul music and green.
  5. Torben Røstland. Good thing she has him, just too bad he’s a boy. He’s atletisk, computerwiz, partylion and a diva. He likes vegetarian gratinated lobster, classical music and chocking pink. He’s a libra.[/ordered_list]

Sofia Digre

Family Digre, these are very influential people with jobs like law, political and medicine. They live in a 3 generations house with lots of rooms and surprises. Grandparents Sebastian and Isabelle wants everything to just stay as they have always been. They are very disappointed with Birgitte marrying the enemy and Thomas apparently doing nothing with his life, and Alma dates a journalist. The only useful kids are Hermand and Guttorm, lets hope Sebastian jr grows up to be a real Digre.

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Grandpa Sebastian Digre
  • Grandma Isabelle Digre
  • Thomas Digre, son
  • Daughter-in-law golddigger Sofia Digre, married to Herman
  • Herman Digre, son. Married to Sofia
  • Birgitte Digre, daughter married to a Rams
  • Guttorm Digre, son
  • Sebastian jr, son of Herman and Sofia
  • Alma Digre, daughter
  • Torstein Digre, son and married to:
  • Michelle Vagle with teenage son


Catharina Rams3

Family Rams, have been working very hard to gain access on the international arena lately and thinks the local dispute with the Digre is rather silly.

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Gudmund Rams, grandfather
  • Sandra Rams, grandmother
  • Selma Rams, daughter
  • 2 kids of Selma
  • Vetle Rams, son married Birgitte Digre
  • Wilhelm Rams, son
  • Catharina Rams, daughter in law
  • Baby Therese, granddaughter
  • Boy Joakim, grandson
  • Teen Charlotte, granddaughter


Martine Flood

Family Flood. The family father is left alone handling 2 babies, 2 kids and a rebellious teenager. He also works as a firefighter.

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Kåre Flood, Firefighter
  • Martine Flood, remember to add selfcombustion moodlet.
  • 2 babies, 2 kids and a teenager.


Vegard Anker, Resident

Family Anker. This family runs the bigger farm with the chicken coop and cow set from the store. The oldest boy in this family married the right way, with a good farmers daughter. His brother haven’t moved out of the families house yet. Together the two brother go around terrifying the nabors while the wife tries to make the family stick together.

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Vegard Anker, the oldest son now owns the farm.
  • Rebekka Anker, Vegards wife.
  • Halvor Anker, the second oldest son, still living on the farm.
  • Mathilde Anker, young adult daugher of the couple.
  • Jonas Anker, teenager and so not the oldest, but of cause the son has to inherit the farm.
  • Helen Anker, teenage daughter.


Amir Ibn Salim

Family Ibn Salim. Amir escapes prosecution in his Arabic country just to find himself with 3 wifes too much. Who will he choose to keep as wife?

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Father Amir and 4 wifes made. I will be adding a no jealousy reward. Hope it sticks.


Hildur Helleren, Resident

Family Helleren. Hildur lives at the dreaded place called Helleren. She has 3 kids, some with Torstein Digre. Her youngest daughter may have a chance, the others are not likely to be able to grab a good seat in the community.

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Hildur, mother have kids all over town, or just with Torstein Digre?
  • Valborg, kid
  • Hedda, baby
  • Sverre, teen


Målfrid Hope, Resident, adult

Family Hope

This family runs the local mine up at the mountain, making lots of noise for the Rams in the Cliffhouse.

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Målfrid Hope tries to dig out a enough money from the mountain for this family to live on.
  • Vidar, adult son
  • Janne, adult daughter
  • Pål, kid son


Lena Ytterhagen

Lena Ytterhagen, medic

I will adjust number of roles and who I put in them in the spreadsheet linked to above.

[highlight]Service NPC’s: [/highlight]

Charlotte Heinz

These are the one’s who burgle your house or come when you call for them. I’m just trying to make something to fit the impression I have, more or less prejudice about that sort of people.

List of names and jobs in the above spreadsheet.

[highlight]Townies: [/highlight]

Amir Dranker

These are homeless Sims drafted randomly for less formal or more dynamic roles than those occupied by service NPC’s. Since they are random I just give them character and leave their job to the game.

List of names and jobs in the same spreadsheet.