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New Inspiration and working on a review


I love looking at design pictures in magazines. Finding them on the web just isn’t the same. I bought a new magazine “Decoration International” in French and English. I can’t find a web address for it. It was full of new designs, both architecture and decoration. Searching for pictures to show you what I mean […]

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House in bricks

140914 The Mansion

I wanted to work a bit with roof sections and ended up making a traditional mansion, but it’s too big […]

How to use the roof parts

140914 The Mansion

The roof comes in different parts and when you’re making a with many angles, it’s important to make it look […]

How to install houses

Bilde 18

This is another part of the sharing of lots, and this is meant for the downloaders. Download the file. On […]

130914 Holtet 30×20

130914 Blue modern

Modern scandinavian style house for a family of 4. Don’t be alarmed by the outside color  The inside is dominated […]

Way to easy

130914 Blue modern

Building in this game is so easy I have trouble keeping up with posting and such. I made a little […]