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New Inspiration and working on a review


I love looking at design pictures in magazines. Finding them on the web just isn’t the same. I bought a new magazine “Decoration International” in French and English. I can’t find a web address for it. It was full of new designs, both architecture and decoration. Searching for pictures to show you what I mean […]

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Putting together my first computer, part 2

Computer Assembly, The case

I have been searching for someone to tell me how to put together the motherboard and the cpu, or processor […]

Arabian nights on the roof terrace

010116 The Shapes

Only the garden left to do now. I believe I’ve said it several times, I like this house. I should […]

Awkward Rooms

010116 The Shapes

This house has lots of them. I have almost finished this house. I’m missing the roof terrace with the little […]

Transistions in bed

010116 The Shapes

I wasn’t happy with the TV room in the house and tried to find something more interesting. I think this […]

Putting together my first computer, part 1

Computer Assembly, The case

I have bought new parts for a computer I will put together myself hopefully this weekend. I didn’t think this […]