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New Inspiration and working on a review


I love looking at design pictures in magazines. Finding them on the web just isn’t the same. I bought a new magazine “Decoration International” in French and English. I can’t find a web address for it. It was full of new designs, both architecture and decoration. Searching for pictures to show you what I mean […]

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White clean 1930’s


I don’t know if you have heard about the style Functionalism, or Funkis for short? Up here in Scandinavia everyone […]

Skipstad Rosebud Challenge part 5

skipstad Legacy, The Rosebud Challenge

This challenge took a big step forward today when I had some hours and 4 adult sisters with 1 husband, […]

131014 Alna Lounge 30×20

131014 Nightclub

I don’t like the Nightclub in the legacy challenge I’m trying to finish, so why not build my own? It […]

Making a community lot

131014 Nightclub

It’s about time I start looking at communtiy lots in this game. The lots available to my sims isn’t all […]

Skipstad Rosebud Challenge part 4

skipstad Legacy, The Rosebud Challenge

I have now started on the 4’th generation as kids Henning jr and Henriette jr, son and daughter of Hanna, […]