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New Inspiration and working on a review


I love looking at design pictures in magazines. Finding them on the web just isn’t the same. I bought a new magazine “Decoration International” in French and English. I can’t find a web address for it. It was full of new designs, both architecture and decoration. Searching for pictures to show you what I mean […]

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I promised you a rose garden

170115 Cross

I keep promising people stuff, and the upload is on the way to mts. I just have to find the […]

I promised you a diningroom

170115 Cross

Yes I did, didn’t I? The more the time pass on this build, the more I like it, despite the […]

From minimal to maximal?

170115 Cross

I had this idea of combining industrial brick factory with glossy, sparkling crystal and voluptuous velour. Can that be any […]

Style for a minimal cheat factory

170115 Cross

Yes quite, what design can I go for? I need to think about windows in the basement. My first thought […]

Testing Barcelona Beta 2, part2

Playtesting Barcelona beta 2

Lets move on to the more detailed stuff, like Port Authority Exclusive lounge Una just walks past the bouncer, he’s rather […]