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Moveobjects and no wall here bug

12-15-14_10-27 PM-2

Someone mentioned a challenge to build million dollar mansions. I can’t find the challenge, but here is the house. I decided to build another place for a garden, perhaps it can help you pay for some of the cost of this house? It’s also a part of the more than limited 8 sims in this […]

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Extensions and outside character

191014 Modern Funkis

I keep working on the Funkis house in TS3. I did quite a lot on the outside from last time I posted. It looks like I didn’t even tell you about the basement, but I may have been thinking about what to write, because I could have sworn I wrote something. This is the street […]

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011014 Potters Mansion Apartments 30×20

011014 Pottery Mansion

This is a big family house or an apartment building. It can house far more people than the game allowes at present. The game doesn’t work with apartment buildings now, but your game play may make this a sensible solution. I have made the house with several bedrooms in different styles. Some modern with period […]

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House in bricks

140914 The Mansion

I wanted to work a bit with roof sections and ended up making a traditional mansion, but it’s too big I think. I works very nicely on the upper floor with bedrooms, but on the main floor the rooms are too big. It’s somewhat because of the big windows with shutters. All three reseption rooms […]

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060914 U’r Estate 50×50

09-07-14_12-15 PMedit

This house started it’s life as a traditional mansion, but what was on my mind when building it was the industrial style house I built first day in the new game. Somewhere I changed my mind and made it modern instead. The story then goes like: The owners of this house inherited an old mansion, […]

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Building big

09-07-14_12-15 PM-3

This house started as a traditional layout and I did plan on making it traditional, but then I didn’t want to do that anyway. The last two days I found out quite a few new things, I will just talk about my last house in this post. It can be a bit much sometimes. It […]

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190314 Hygieia Palace 50×50

190314 Greek Palace

Hygieia was the Greek Goddess of cleanliness and good health, and this looks like the perfect place for her. I had a request for a palace for a goddess, is this it? If it isn’t I can see this being a very lovely place to live for a big family, or even a spoiled couple […]

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140114 Al Hama Palace 50×50

140114 Pictures for upload

This is a lovely Maurish, Islamic style Palace for a big family, or something similar. Includes a spa, 3 gardens and 1 main courtyard with a pool and everything you may want for the ultimate luxury. It’s a really big project, but I have become quite good at making those big houses lately I have […]

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Some minor updates

Stylist House

Time for an update on previously made houses. I have been cleaning up quite a few things in between decoration on the bigger projects. I made a stylist house some time ago now finished, The Celebrity Mansion by ThreeAngle is hopefully finally finished as well. I was searching for an “adult” elegant decoration of this […]

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Dragon Valley

O'Connells 101 Mansion

I got around to testing DV and get bored in a few hours. Lets just see some of the stuff I thought was fun and some that was silly. To start up in Dragon Valley I made a family of 4 with a kid daughter and a teenage boy. I had trouble finding shoes for […]

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211214 True White Mini 20×15


Some people thinks it should all be white, but they say it’s not easy to do right. With TS4 I […]



Is that a word? I have decorated a lot of this house now and the price is only close to […]

Million dollar mansion

12-17-14_4-00 PM

Lets then move on to some rooms. I was looking for a style for this traditional house and what about […]

Moveobjects and no wall here bug

12-15-14_10-27 PM-2

Someone mentioned a challenge to build million dollar mansions. I can’t find the challenge, but here is the house. I […]

051214 Mundare House 30×30


Mundare in Latin means Purify or Cleanse. It should fit well with this house. It has a very nice main […]