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190314 Hygieia Palace 50×50

190314 Greek Palace

Hygieia was the Greek Goddess of cleanliness and good health, and this looks like the perfect place for her. I had a request for a palace for a goddess, is this it? If it isn’t I can see this being a very lovely place to live for a big family, or even a spoiled couple […]

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140114 Al Hama Palace 50×50

140114 Pictures for upload

This is a lovely Maurish, Islamic style Palace for a big family, or something similar. Includes a spa, 3 gardens and 1 main courtyard with a pool and everything you may want for the ultimate luxury. It’s a really big project, but I have become quite good at making those big houses lately :) I […]

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Some minor updates

Stylist House

Time for an update on previously made houses. I have been cleaning up quite a few things in between decoration on the bigger projects. I made a stylist house some time ago now finished, The Celebrity Mansion by ThreeAngle is hopefully finally finished as well. I was searching for an “adult” elegant decoration of this […]

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Dragon Valley

O'Connells 101 Mansion

I got around to testing DV and get bored in a few hours. Lets just see some of the stuff I thought was fun and some that was silly. To start up in Dragon Valley I made a family of 4 with a kid daughter and a teenage boy. I had trouble finding shoes for […]

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301212 The Pool House 50×50

301212 Poolhouse

This is a heavy house with all the extra luxury you would ever crave for in life. The basement houses a spectacular Spa with a mediaroom and lounge, gym and 2 car garage. Playtested in Ouerbackers Reyes Beta several times. The world is not available for download yet, but that’s where all of the pictures […]

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New stone and a floorplan


I found a stone by ung999 I could use on the facade. Together with a rougher stone on the foundation and some towers it’s gonna look much more combination medieval/classical. Today I added 2′nd floor to most of the house, and fixed up the staircase room. I have also recolored(casted) the turrets. The entrance now […]

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Started on an old style Castle

090612 Suzhou Garden-70

I found out how to use my Premiere to record sound, I used the tutorial here. I have also downloaded Cyclonesue’s Castle Lore sets I – IV, and started building a Castle style house. I have recorded the making of the grand staircase, the entrance and Grand Hall. It’s a bit like I usually work, […]

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Update on a very nice 60×60 lot

For a while now I had an issue with a house on TSR. It was built with Simpossible glasswallwindows, not being available anymore, and hazuitokage thicker transparent wall has not been updated. So I have been reading hazuitokage’s policy. I can update objects if I ask and keep him/her updated. I have sent a pm […]

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250312 Wildlife Comfort Living 40×40

250312 Wildlife Comfort Living-3193

This house has 3 double bedrooms, 1 single with 2 beds. Open plan living/dining/kitchen room. Mediaroom downstairs with big TV and video games, and a big guest bathroom. Game room upstairs with bath, bar, shuffleboard, stereo and pc, connected to a roof terrace with hottub, fireplace with seating and deck chairs. Outside pool with one […]

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Last finishing on the Shek-O House

080412 Shek-O 455

The 080412 Shek-O is now finished, the house that is. I still have some decoration left to do. I added a glass roof on the highest of the roof terraces. So now it’s a stereo and a pool table there. I have also fitted 2 bathrooms by the master, same place. Then I may just […]

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The Last Touch

040714 The mill

The farm is finished and I’m trying to make a video of it. It’s not easy to make a steady […]

Bedrooms and playrooms

040714 The mill

On the upper floor I made 4 or 5 bedrooms ensuite. They are all different. One of them was big […]

The courtyard

040714 The mill

I did a slight change on the courtyard and opened up a room next to it and put some fence […]

Italian House?

040714 The mill

The farms exterior is very much like a big Italian farm. I’ve been there many times and thought I should […]

Testing, testing and more testing

040714 The mill

I have to get this farm from the tutorials going and I have the shopping mall part of the square […]

A new plugin

010714 Concrete City

It only looked like clutter on my home page, but it turns out my servers or something was just being […]