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New Flat and new skills

030415 Palace Farm

Both is not about Sims. Lets start with business first. You may remember my family of three adult kids and their father? I know I hardly do. When I left them last time I had given them all some top 10 skills. I used this guide by simsonline. I used the cheats for baking, gardening […]

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… and then the rest

030215 Hard Funkis

I moved the Barragan family I made for Nilxis in this time, and instantly regreted it. It’s much easier to control just one sim, these people just keep getting in the way of my pictures. Lets just look at the last rooms before going to the testing pictures. I hope to have the upload ready […]

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Night light and more rooms

030215 Hard Funkis

I gave the house some terrainpaint, outside light, inside colored light and recolored the pool stone. All in an attempt to give the house some variations and punch. The wooden espalier ceilings on the left side has it’s planting as well. I’m not sure it’s that much easier to see what’s what, but I need some […]

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Gym, bathrooms and sauna

030215 Hard Funkis

I decided to take out the rugs by Devirose and use rugs from B5Studios instead. They look like something out of wool, and has many different looks in one file. I’ve also taken out some sets I don’t intend to use, just to make sure I don’t use any of it by mistake. In many […]

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Angled master bedroom

030215 Hard Funkis

I have found out that the dense concrete looking like a layered skirt is from Pralinesims here. The wood pattern used on some walls outside might be Takdis here, I have to check that out more. I’m not sure what is the difference between 1 and 2, if it’s just horizontal and vertical, I may […]

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Colored lights and moody colors

030215 Hard Funkis

In the basement spa department I have been working on, it goes from relaxing cream to vibrance in the bar. I’ve also put in a gym and is working on a sauna. I’m not sure about the sauna though. I found this thing doing a google search on “sauna furniture download sims 3″. I doubt […]

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Fountains and The Future

070115 The Curve

I have done quite a lot of gardening on the front, I’m not sure what to do about the back yet. I extended the kitchen side to make more room in the livingsection for the stuff you tend to put there. I then moved the staircase one tile. I only have one more tile width […]

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151214 The Palace of Lost Wealth 50×50


If you like a life in luxury, because it’s out of reach maybe? Then this is for you. Enjoy a bit of gardening to if you like. It’s made for lots of familymembers or perhaps just friends, and has more beds than I care to count. They are listed on the floorplans at the end […]

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Moveobjects and no wall here bug

12-15-14_10-27 PM-2

Someone mentioned a challenge to build million dollar mansions. I can’t find the challenge, but here is the house. I decided to build another place for a garden, perhaps it can help you pay for some of the cost of this house? It’s also a part of the more than limited 8 sims in this […]

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Extensions and outside character

191014 Modern Funkis

I keep working on the Funkis house in TS3. I did quite a lot on the outside from last time I posted. It looks like I didn’t even tell you about the basement, but I may have been thinking about what to write, because I could have sworn I wrote something. This is the street […]

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Upstein in the same shell


Then it’s on to something far more lovely in my eyes. Making a cheap shell into something expensive and lovely. […]

190515 Hansteen Apartments noCC 30×30


This is a cheap apartment lot made for the university apartment zoning with 8 roommates living together. You can also […]

Squat Roommates


I have been wondering about how this roommate function in ts3 works for a while. The other day pjsutton came […]

160515 Renegade Squat 30×30 no CC

160515 Squat Renegade

This is as cheap as you can get it, probably, unless you count in 2 elevators and a pool as […]

040415 The Palladio Bakery and Cafe 40×30

040415 The Palee

Andrea Palladio 30 November 1508 – 19 August 1580) was an Italian architect active in the Republic of Venice. Palladio, […]