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Chocolate Venue

050513 Chocolate

Bistro. That’s what caw calls The Chocolate stage lot. Showtime is EP6, that’s what it’s called in caw anyway kEP6 Bistro. I thought it was suppose to be Coffeeshop. Sims3 is in my native language, while caw is in English, and some native. Having caw in English as well is quite handy when I’m looking […]

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Chocolate with a taste of chili

050513 Chocolate

I made this wacky stage lot earlier. I don’t think I showed you any pictures. It was just one room in chili and one room in chocolate, and how to tie those together. It has Supernatural goth like furniture with some lighter stuff from IP exp and the Bistro. As I said it’s a bit […]

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Back to the Theater

010813 Theater/Opera

I have tested the theater and fixed the issues last time. I wasn’t quite happy with the outside architecture. It’s not really revolutionary. I couldn’t come up with anything to do about it that would look right with the house. I have just fixed some minor issues I had, added what I think needed to […]

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280713 Spanish Steps 50×30

280713 Spanish Steps

I have been to Rome several times, and the fountain was originally an attempt to recreate the Trevi Fountain in Rome. One of the things I love about Rome is the nightlife you don’t have to pay for. You can just sit on a bench on a piazza like the Piazza Navona and look at […]

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The Grand Fountain

280713 Spanish Steps

For the contest or competition on mts I made a fountain with a stage. Now I have to put both the fountain and the resort in Stranda. I have to clean out some items I don’t wanna use in the world as well. For the comp I could use whatever I wanted as long as […]

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Bugs again, and playtest ended in a big laugh


Yesterday I playtested Villa Giulia in a world I started to playtest my big modern lot, and guess what a surprise I got at the end. I also had some troubles with the staircase … again, but this time I think I found the solution. So I hope it will be the last time someone […]

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Game change for Villa Giulia decoration and props


Thanks for all your nice comments, really nice to know someone thinks I’m doing a good job. The roof on 080412 needs some more consideration and search for parts. I go back to Villa Giulia. Last time I was in I selected a really saturated purple on the house. It’s just too much and there’s […]

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Villa Giulia and Showtime


I have been to Rome, and one time I went to Villa Giulia. Today it holds Rome’s Museo Nazionale Etrusco. It was built in Italian renaissance style 1550 by Pope Julius III. To me it looks very roman. A villa for food, wine and entertainment. That’s what I’m trying to build. A cafe/park/entertainment house on a […]

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100312 Concrete House 30×30


This is an almost only Showtime building piece lot. It’s no CC here, and the upload The Exchange is unfurnished. If I managed to get it right, there should be only showtime and basegame objects on this lot. Video.  It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, kitchen/diner, livingroom, pool and fountains. It’s playtested in Reyes […]

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Testing Showtime on new no CC lot


Some of the Showtime piezes is a bit concrete house looking, so that’s what I made. I haven’t furnished it yet. These are just from playtesting in Reyes County. Btw I think it’s the old version of Reyes still I thought I had fixed the issue last time I posted, but it may still have […]

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Minimalist with a curved roof

231114 wacky minimalist

I built this house from a plan I had for TS3 and ended up putting elaborate friezes on it, together […]

191114 Solvågen 30×20

191114 CC houseTS4

This is a relaxed 2 bedroom familyhouse with 3 beds. Open plan dining and kitchen, 2 floor high livingroom with […]

White 3D in blues

191114 CC houseTS4

I so miss my whites, really why do everything have to be so muddy and blue? I downloaded some more […]

CC in TS4

191114 CC houseTS4

I downloaded some of TSR’s objects to use in a house I made. I’m not sure I like the house, […]

011114 Skipstad Legacy Farm 50×50

011114 Legacy Farm

Do you have ambitions as a farmer, but would like to enjoy the good life too? Then this farm is […]