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The Sequence of Building

People always seem to struggle with the same things. It’s usually connected to what order you build in. I’ve built a few complicated houses, so I’m gonna make a list. It’s intended for those who think it’s hard or difficult. It really isn’t. Just plan ahead that’s all. I don’t think I can make a […]

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New stone and a floorplan


I found a stone by ung999 I could use on the facade. Together with a rougher stone on the foundation and some towers it’s gonna look much more combination medieval/classical. Today I added 2’nd floor to most of the house, and fixed up the staircase room. I have also recolored(casted) the turrets. The entrance now […]

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Rooms with no purpose


Today I have been working on the Suzhou lot, tested a dome on the Castle and worked with patterns. I have come across this guy a few times when I google. He has some texture that look very high quality and they are free. I used a tarmac pattern today to make tarmac for my […]

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Started on an old style Castle

090612 Suzhou Garden-70

I found out how to use my Premiere to record sound, I used the tutorial here. I have also downloaded Cyclonesue’s Castle Lore sets I – IV, and started building a Castle style house. I have recorded the making of the grand staircase, the entrance and Grand Hall. It’s a bit like I usually work, […]

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Split leveling, low storage and small tips’n tricks

Spanish on a Hill-191

In the technical section I will be posting a video on the new castle I’m making. I chose to post it there because it can be very heavy stuff, and the video isn’t entertaining as such. The video shows a bit different approach to split staircase building, because I had a basement there I couldn’t […]

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Castle 250412, part 2, technical building


I have been working on the back of 250412 Castle today. Fitted a split level staircase. I made it a double one. I know I said it looked silly on a lot like this, I did it anyway, so now it just has to work. I have also placed the grand hall, or what you […]

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Scripted cottage stairs, Custard and more searching


Today’s post will be rather heavy. I have included something about my Shek-O house at the bottom though. You can go there if it’s too much right now, and come back for more later. I have found the staircase that would fit in my 130312 Villa Giulia. I can’t have any warped walls on those […]

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Bugs again, and playtest ended in a big laugh


Yesterday I playtested Villa Giulia in a world I started to playtest my big modern lot, and guess what a surprise I got at the end. I also had some troubles with the staircase … again, but this time I think I found the solution. So I hope it will be the last time someone […]

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Basement tips and tricks


This one can be a bit more complicated than the foundation tutorial, but the things you can do is so much more rewarding. You need to know cfe or constrainfloorelevation cheat for most of the things I do here. Don’t forget that what you do may not be usable for the sims     [Translate]

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I’m a magazine!

Black modern house with details in creme and black

My favourite theme was too hard to make fit, so I ended up with a magazine theme. Thanks to the one who suggested that. I feel like I try to be something I’m not. It’s only me here, in case you wonder  :). Apparently it takes all day for the background color to change. So […]

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Grafting and installing through the gallery

030415 Palace Farm

I started a spreadsheet on revenue and expect to start another one on use for making cakes. I need to […]

Sims 4 Tutorial – Installing moveobjects or moo cheat lots and clean cache

030415 Palace Farm

I’m working on this big farm and how to make the plants stay evolved/grafted, and not swap places thanks to […]

New Flat and new skills

030415 Palace Farm

Both is not about Sims. Lets start with business first. You may remember my family of three adult kids and […]

Bar or Retail? and more on revenue

040415 The Palee

I tried to do a change to bar, but then suddenly how do I buy a bar with my family? […]

The TS4 Bakery, part 2

040415 The Palee

Lets see if I can make these new additions like the coffee maker and cupcake factory work. The cupcake factory […]