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TS3 Tutorial – The walk-in-basement and hole in the basement

170115 Cross

I promised you a tutorial with my voice for the walk-in-basement. As usual there is a lot to think about and for that reason it may not be that entertaining, but it should be easier to follow. This may just be the best made tutorial I’ve made with written instructions, good comments, not that bad […]

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Minimal Slim Line Cross

170115 Cross

I just continued with this basement trick and made this cross shape house. It has the 170115 number. It’s my second creation for 2015, and I started on it yesterday. The last video series I made was so full of useless junk in audio and the time used on the creation, I decided to skip […]

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The Curve

070115 The Curve

I just had to check if it was easier to use the old basement trick in an EA world and didn’t use any mods either. It worked very good there and then I had this problem of what to use that basement for? This is the basement I forced the game to make for me. […]

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The Stage of Politics

020313 Stage of Politics

The Townhall with the rug. I have started on this lot earlier, giving it a theme and colors. It makes it a bit easier now, I can just drag colors around. When I made the venue setup while doing the Chocolate I forgot this venue needs to be open all day. I thought a coffee […]

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New TownHall or a Stage?

030313 TownHall/Stage

I have been working a lot this week, next week I hope it will be more time for creating and finishing ups. I did some small things like testing a bar in the graveyard. It serves drinks and some light snacks. The graveyard I uploaded is not the one I have made in Stranda. The […]

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Pond or Doors to the basement

301212 PoolHouse

That’s the decision I have to make when I continue on the basement’s access to the ground. When I use the term ground in Sims3 that is a very specific floor; the Ground floor. The ground is always there, on the ground. I then have 5 levels above the ground and some 5 or something […]

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EA Store furnishings for once


One day on furnishings and I discover another problem in the basement. It’s probably just a roof problem I can solve by removing roofs, but here is 4 floors now, so I have to find the right floor to remove. The void in the basement, the strange useless stairs, no access to the rest of […]

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Stranda, The Cliffhouse


Some of the advantage of having a mountain like this is the chance to build a house on a cliff lot, without having to worry about it being moved. I have lately seen a few houses with EA BahHaus windows, doors and such. If the downloader doesn’t have them, they will just be replaced. I […]

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Basement tips and tricks


This one can be a bit more complicated than the foundation tutorial, but the things you can do is so much more rewarding. You need to know cfe or constrainfloorelevation cheat for most of the things I do here. Don’t forget that what you do may not be usable for the sims     [Translate]

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220212 – Eco House 40×40


  This is a house for family’s who like open white houses with lots of nature around, but don’t mind some privacy too. Left wing: 2 girls bedrooms 2 boyish bedrooms 2 bath 1 master with dressingroom, bedroom, bath and walk-in-closet Right wing: Gameroom Musicroom Guest bath Livingroom w/bar Kitchen Laundry Diningroom Library Top Glasshouse […]

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New Flat and new skills

030415 Palace Farm

Both is not about Sims. Lets start with business first. You may remember my family of three adult kids and […]

Bar or Retail? and more on revenue

040415 The Palee

I tried to do a change to bar, but then suddenly how do I buy a bar with my family? […]

The TS4 Bakery, part 2

040415 The Palee

Lets see if I can make these new additions like the coffee maker and cupcake factory work. The cupcake factory […]

010415 The Garden Path Bakery 30×20


This bakery is a modern little place with render walls and bright yellow chairs. It’s meant for the GetToWork expansion, […]

The TS4 Bakery

010415 coffeeshop

Against my better judgement I bought Get To Work expansion of TS4. Now I’m trying to figure out how it […]