I wanted to show you the interior of the Blue Victorian house last time I wrote. I have a lot of other things I might show you as well, but they are not enough to show in one post, and I need to make much more pictures first. I made the family Lillesand when CaD came out. It has a cat and a dog, 4 kids and 2 adults. No chance of adding more people to the mix. 

I have started on the upper floor, and this is the familyroom. The kids bedrooms are all close by, so it’s convenient. The sofa comes from the new exp, and the table fits well. I went for a blue green theme in here.

I have been upscaling and downscaling to my hearts content. The green rug is one of those hopelessly big rugs. Now it’s just the right size. The room actually has 3 desks with chairs. They have 4 kids and they need to do their homework somewhere? The mother in this family is a stay-at-home mum, something I never do. There is a lot to do in the house and she has no help doing it.

I took all my mods and CC out before opening this house again. I only have MC Command Center in. I had quite a few error messages with the mods, so I have to test where the problems comes from. I thought moving a family into the Wentworth house without the cloths and mods, only furniture, might be a good way to troubleshoot. 

I had some fun with the Tiffany lamps. I always thought they were a bit big. They have a lot of details and very easily dominates the room. Here I have downscaled it on the left desk. I might need a bit more decoration in this room. It’s a bit bland at the moment.

The toddlers room has carpets on the floor. They crawl a lot on the floor so it seemed like a good idea. The familyroom also has a rug on the floor. This room is a bit along-the-walls at the moment, but the toddler needs the floors for the toys. I might want to change the wallpaper to something more kidslike, or perhaps put some pictures up.

The mum in this house has actually too much to do. She has troubles getting the toddler in and out of bed at scheduled times. 

… and what is going on with that window in the round tower? It’s almost black! It’s obviously a glitch of some kind. They are all the same color, and I can’t fix that to some other color, because then it’s wrong on the outside.

In the diningroom the mother is helping the teens with their homework, and the toddler wants to be part of the fun. The diningroom is on the other side of the main hallway, relative to the kitchen.

The kitchen is so big it looks like another planet, but you need a diningroom for guests don’t you? The diningroom in the maximalistic house with all the wentworth walls I made earlier, was a tad bit bigger than this, so they could dance with in the diningroom as well. I could perhaps extend the room a bit more, but I feel like this is a familyhouse and not so much a partyhouse.

Herman Lillesand is the father in the Lillesand family. He’s frequently out with the dogs. I try to make them run with the dog from time to time. I can’t see a thing about this dog on the screen, not even if it’s an adult or a puppy. I flex so much between my projects at the moment, I can’t remember what I did.

I have 3 bedrooms left to do for the kids, and wonder if the small room should be something else. It’s so tiny in comparison. What about making it a library instead? I guess the familyroom can be quite noisy, so a more closed library might be a good idea. 3 bathrooms should be enough for the 3 kids bedrooms.

I could even make more bedrooms out of the one in the corner, but I’m wondering if I should have more bedrooms upstairs, and have this upper right corner room for the parents. The big room in the basement could be for the grandparents or something.