I have been thinking of this project in between uploading the Halmstad Mansion and planning Angkor Wat. Back to this project I decided to turn the house around. It’s now angled the right way for a good suntan, but the city view is all wrong. I guess some good nature shots isn’t that bad either, so I can live with it.

This will be the main entrance. According to where my tester ended up being, it’s on the opposite corner, but I made an entrance there as well, so it’s not that bad. The postbox will then be by the carcourt. There is no cars in this game at the moment, but they won’t be able to turn and drive out of there anyway, so no worries.

Above is severinkas arches ceiling with lights. It’s perhaps a bit much light, but I can probably adjust that on each one. It’s in the basement hallway with the staircase to the diningarea, and the outside staircase to the carcourt.  

I would also like to move the door into the kitchen void so it’s not quite as asymmetrical. I was thinking about making it into different kitchen areas or something, perhaps even with a medieval flare. I will have to see where I end up. I’m a bit worried about the size of this thing.

This is the upstairs part of the staircase to the basement. I made it into a hallway for the servants.

The kitchen used here is Julia by ShinoKCR. This is just for washing up plates and such. Perhaps a pantry or something? I put a fridge in the back corner. The table lamps looks like it’s been treated badly with bumps all over.

At the top of this picture is the carcourt with the entrance to the old building on the left and the new on the right. At the bottom of the picture is the inner courtyard with the palatial staircase and hallway with statues in the lower right corner.

In the middle is the staircase I have been showing you, and the less grand bathroom. I suddenly ended up with 2 bathrooms in almost the same place though. I wonder if that’s such a great idea. Perhaps I could make the bathroom below and beside the staircase, into something for the staff instead.

This wallpaper is made by me. I have to import my texture into something different though, because the original is visible through. It probably had some specular or something. It’s easier to just take something different to put my texture on I think.

I have been looking at sets to use for a fusion of traditional palatial and modern contemporary for this house. For some reason I feel this house’s contemporary style as something more practical and down-to-earth. Probably because the other decoration is so opposite in it’s grandure.

The floor is by Tankuz on TSR, while the chairs are Kayo Living by Angela. The endtable between the chairs is Ytterbium by wondymoon. The rug is by kardofe on TSR, I’m not sure of the set name right now. I downloaded a few of them. I haven’t used kardofe before because I didn’t like the combinations of color and texture, but I think it has approved, so I wanted to test them out.

It looks like I have 4 downloads not from TSR at the moment. They have a limit of 8 I think. It will limit the work they have to put in to check the policy of the creator. I probably have to check that myself. I might be in for a nasty surprice with TheJim07. What can I do if those statues are not ok?

Content List
    Wentworth Woodhouse    
Y/N Site Creator Set Object Name Link
Y teanmoon teanmoon Pretty Pediments Merged file set Download
Y Simsational Design Peacemaker Greciously Georgian I have used most windows and doors Download
Y TSR Rirann Stone Tiles Used on the facade Download
Y TSR Rirann Faux Stone Blocks Used on the facade Download
Y modthesims TheJim07 Gloria    
Y modthesims TheJim07 Phillip of Aznac The hallway  
Y TSR ShinoKCR Julia Kitchen The hallway  
Y TSR Angela Kayo Living blinds  
Y TSR wondymoon Ytterbium endtable  
Y TSR Volvenom Golden Bathtiles must be imported with a basic wall  
Y TSR   Noble Wooden Panel Main Entrance  
Y TSR wondymoon Scandium Rug and Sofa Main Entrance  
Y TSR ung999 Natural Living Outdoor plant in main entrance  
Y TSR Tankuz Ceramic ts4 tile 02 The hallway  
Y TSR Tankuz Ceramic ts4 tile 03 Main floor grand bathroom  
Y TSR kardofe Round rug for bathroom    

I had a nasty tumble on a citybike a few days ago. My right hand didn’t like it much, and I’m blue all over. I probably got the steering in my hip, because it was blue and purple like I’ve never seen in before. I was a bit worried, should I go to the doctor, could it be internal bleeding? It didn’t hurt any way I didn’t expect, so I just gave it a few days. It’s now a bit less sore, so I’m thinking it’s ok. I have to call off this now though and rest my hand.