The little player for the performance lot is installed because the lot is, but the game still replaces it with a default table player, and I can’t find the dance floor player anymore. By going to my caw game folder with the caw game I was able to find it. I don’t have the player in my testing game, but I can live with that. Reinstalling that content is too much of a hassle. I can test the game in my caw game folder later on.

Last thing I did yesterday was to change the family I play to Hope the mining family.

Mining lot with digger

All the Hope now have a job as well, not just the mining. Vidar Hope is a cook, and I catch him on his way back home. I gave Vidar physical perfection as a lifetime wish. He now needs much more cooking skills. It turns out Målfrid is the mother while the others are her kids. I totally forgotten 🙂

Vidar Hope

I wanted Vidar Hope to start mining as soon as he gets home, but the snow is too deep. Above you can see him a bit sickly pale perhaps 🙂 This can’t be a good place to live. Janne Hope is sitting by the computer, she has to go to work as a fortune teller in a minute. The mother Målfrid is a teacher and at work already.

Life of the Hope's

The kid Pål is having some sort of ceremony at the school he’s going to. He only has 2 days left for teenager as well.

Life of the Hope's

Janne Hope is meeting Frank Røstland in the fortune teller rabbithole at the drive-in-cinema. She’s the first one home and I put her to make some food. She has no skills and burns it.

Lets just finish this off, I want to make some houses now. I took some pictures of Målfrid Hope, I would like to use her as an example on the mts upload.

Målfrid Hope in winter

What do you think? Is it too dark? I can see some of the lot here as well and that’s where she lives in the game. I need to make some shots of the Digre family because I have decided to use Alma on the upload and I need some shots of the lot as well.

Alma and Johanne playing in the snow

On this picture she’s with Johanne outside. It’s perhaps a bit dark?

Alma Digre portraits

This is from inside the French White where Johanne lives. It’s just looking odd. I took some pictures inside the Digre estate, it was just very hard to get real close. I may just have used the wrong camera or something.

The Digre Estate

Above is the Digre Estate by night in winter. They installed the lights on their house at some point apparently.

I have updated the files for mts with the missing cows and chickens, and added the music player for the dancefloor where I have it in caw. I also fixed the business lot in both versions. After that I was distracted by another discussion on the apartments and wherther they work or not. I found out the concrete apartments now work, but the fishing village doesn’t have the options of visiting your nabours. That is likely to mean you don’t really have any.

WordPress has done some changes and ruined something in the process, so if this post looks a bit disorganized you now know why 🙂