I had this idea for a white house again, and of course didn’t manage to downsize it. I took some of the things I have learned from my Wentworth Woodhouse project and made long hallways, but I also took something from Le Corbusier and made a feature at the end of them. 

I also installed the fitness stuff pack for this house, because it has some nice furniture and for this house I wanted to explore the windows.

On this facade though you might see I’m using the polkadot windows, I don’t remember where they come from. For some reason I think they may be a part of the Spa pack? I made them brown, perhaps I should just find something else to create a contrast with rather than the brown. It’s a bit much.

I made only one regular roof on this house. I should probably put the fire extinguisher there, because apparently it needs a roof.

While I was at it I thought it was a bit much and I didn’t really make a plan for this house. Do I care enough about it to get it back in shape, that is the question. I removed some of the pillars, because I had this thing in my head “when you’re finished, remove one thing” as a saying for a modernist. I don’t know where it comes from. 

I put in the blue windows on the corner closest to you, because I have a similar one on the other corner. But frankly, do I go for symmetrical now?

I also have a combination of round and square balconies, should I go with only one type? I’m wondering if this really is a bunker kind of modernist building? You know … the brutalist kind with only a few windows on the outside.

All the balconies and windows just looks odd to me. 

Lets talk about the layout then. On the right side with the roof is the garage/carport, it doesn’t have a door as such for either car or man. It does have a roof and walls, and the entrance is closed in. Should be close to a garage. Except for thiefs that is, they can just walk in.

The backside of this house has too many of those feature windows from the fitness pack. They are really only ment as a statement in my opinion. The 2 windows on top of each other is long rooms and hallways. I was hoping for some nice bright colors on the colored parts of this windows, but I kind of knew that wouldn’t happen. People have said several times.

Closest with all the windows is a building I thought I should ditch. Mainly because it’s in the way of the view to the lake and the big fountain. I have it as a kitchen at the moment, but what about ditching that as well. I could have a kitchen in the basement, but I’m wondering about a corner room. This big house is devided into 2 parts. One part for the family and one for entertaining.

The main floor and on the right is the garage, at the top of this picture is the part I would like to ditch. It holds the kitchen now, but it’s in the way of the greatest part of this location.

On the left side of this picture is the mastersuite. The room with a white floor is the bathroom and the location is great, but perhaps a bit open to the public. I tried to close it in with a balcony on the upper floor and a higher fence, but that part of the building is too busy with those windows at the end of the hallway. 

I ended up using the courtyard as the entrance, and have an enclosed room there with only arches to the courtyard. The mastersuite will then open towards the family livingroom. I’m not sure as to the purpose of the room to the lowest left. It’s a bit secluded at the end of the corridor. I kind of like the study to not be that secluded. I could make it another bedroom, or perhaps leave it for the downloader. It could work as a room for hobbies or something.

The big square room in the lower right is what i thought I could use as the kitchen. It’s in the entertainment area, just the place for a kitchen I think. The family could possibly have a kitchen on the upper floor or something. The 2 long corridor rooms beside the pool, faces the pool and both will be for entertainment.

The upper floor and you can see the purpose of that big central room with the main entrance to the house. It has 2 floors and the main staircase on the side. I wonder if I should resurrect this house as a brutalist outside and then 2 lovely gardens on the inside. 

Above the pool on this floor is just my rig for the espalier ceiling for the pool later. I plan to have some plants there. You can’t see a thing right now. On the right side is more room for entertaining guests. They are all kind of awquard, I’ll have to see if I can do something about that.

Each part of the house has it’s own staircase, on the left side I will have to fit some bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as livingrooms for the family. I do think though that for this house, getting the overall layout and style into shape is more important.

At the top is a roof terrace I also devided into 2. It does mean the entertainment part of the house has no room on the roof, but frankly they have the hole pool, so should I worry? Don’t think so.