Will there be sound?

I bought Logitech ClearChat Stereo for almost no money. I had sound when I plugged it in, but it’s probably dead by the morning. This is what I thought yesterday. Today I know the sound was good but there’s no picture with Hypercam. Well frankly the sound wasn’t that great either. I could hardly hear myself talking. I turned the sound up on my computer, had the new thing’s sound on max, and I even turned Sims sound on max. The last is probably Sims internal sound though, nothing to do with recording.

Yesterday I replaced all the files I took out for caw installation back, except screenshots and exports. They can stay there in the backup file.

I also made a nice little house with 2 bedrooms. Pinky thing, only store content and exp packs. Used some on of those goth windows from EA store, and the BahHaus windows. Then I found out the black staircase from the store cannot be recolored. Rather silly actually. Here I pay for something and I can’t make it fit? Perhaps I can use the glass staircase instead.

290512Pinky Minimalist-8

290512Pinky Minimalist-3

290512Pinky Minimalist

290512Pinky Minimalist-7

290512Pinky Minimalist-4

290512Pinky Minimalist-5

290512Pinky Minimalist-6

Someone asked in the forum yesterday about store content and caw. Apparently caw loads store content and he had lots of store content. It loads content you don’t use. If you have like 3 gb of it, your caw will crash, werther you use LAA (LargeAddressAware) or not. To my knowledge 4 gb is about max of what you can get on a pc these days.

Non of the geeks answered his thread yet, but he’s in caw section, not computer geeks section. That might be the reason. I just take note of what he’s saying because I’m not sure there is a fix for this. If it’s right that caw loads store content, I’ll just have to wait for EA to make a fix. Until then I’ll just have to take those files out when I’m working in caw. I’ll have to reinstall everything from the launcher if I do, and restart the game at least twice when I want to make a house … but hey! I sit here all day and have nothing else to do so who cares?

I just have to keep it on my mind, with all the other things I just have to keep on my mind … no wonder I can’t remember to buy something to have on my bread in the morning.

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