With this cursing moodlet finished investigated, lets just take the shots I need and be finished with it. I know I wanted to take The Blue Oyster as one of the community lots in the download, but I think I’ll take the Dirty Town cafe instead. Out of all the lots for having fun in this world it is my favourite. It’s such an easy going, unpretentious cafe. It’s modern, but still has a relaxed atmosphere.

Dirty Town Cafe and it's nabour The Blue Oyster

Along side it is The Blue Oyster, so I still have a chance to show how it looks.

Dirty Town Cafe and it's nabour The Blue Oyster

To show it’s interior I have lots of game testing pics to show.

Waiter Silvilda Jordal

Like some of the pictures with my Sims for the populated version. The waiter her is Sivilda Jordal.

270313 Dirty Town Coffeeshop

If it’s too little of the interior, this is the upper floor. I removed that dancefloor since it had no function.

Dirty Town interior

Of new pictures I have this one with Kåre Flood reading a book. I’m still waiting for a waiter on this lot. It’s very early in the morning, that may be the reason.

horse riding school or equestrian center

Next thing is the horse riding school or the equestrian center. I don’t have any front pictures of it without caw/eig yellow lines I think, I may just as well take new pictures. I do have a few in game testing pictures I may use though.

Playtesting lots and mod

Like this one. It’s showing the easiest step to learn how to jump hirdles. I don’t know what that’s called in riding circles. I don’t have that many interior shots from this lot because that’s not really what I’ve made it for. Perhaps I can add some shots from it’s kitchen.

The Theater may just need a more zoomed picture of the front. It’s a bit flat, but lets see.

The Theater in zoomed mode

A bit zoomed looking much better, but perhaps a shorter at the top than the bottom? I took another one, but I’m probably being picky. I have to take floorplan pics of the theater as well. There’s so many invisible lights in this house. I have to move Kåre there to do that. I don’t show you any floorplan pictures, they are so uneventful I think.

The Chocollate Stagelot

The Chocolate is looking good and the proprietor is ready for the next show. Then I need a floorplan there as well. I forgot the fiskehallen floorplans, but I can do that at night. Better take the Waterpark lot now.

The Waterpark

I removed a big tree earlier by the water, because mts would probably ask me to anyway. They like to see the facade of buildings.

The Waterpark

Here you can see the waterfall effect I haven’t showed you before. It’s not that thick, but I can’t really make it look any better.

The fishmarket, Knut Selland is the waiter

The floorplan pictures at the Fishmarket lot and Kåre is hungry, lets see who the waiter is today. It’s Knut Selland, one of my townies.

Cliffhouse front

Taking a shot of the Cliffhouse’s socalled front isn’t easy. I could perhaps have done it more straight on, but then the garage would hardly be visible. The madame is Catharina Rams in her business suit.

Middle waterfall basin terraced park

The park at the middle of the waterfall finally works. Kåre Flood can even fish in one of it’s terraces.

Middle waterfall basin terraced park

It’s really a great tropical garden probably. A bit rough with the waterfall coming down and all the fog, but still I like it.

Middle waterfall basin terraced park

The floorplan on the Priori house with the Floods family have of cause developed with the Floods, so I have to start a new game to get pictures of the house without the invisible lights, and the cribs I had originally.

The Chocolate Interior

At the Chocolate taking interior pictures, Viggo Hansteen works on his laptop, and then changes to suit. Mats Ullmann is the mixologist, Dagmar Lie owns the place and reads in a book. The chef changes, but the second time it’s Rita Fisk.

The Chocolate Interior

The combination of orange and blue is very intense, but I like it. The blue is the same color and fabric as used in a different room. It’s just to tie it together. On the picture above the ceiling spots are just hanging in mid air. A bit annoying, but I’m finished now. If mts points it out I can fix it, otherwise not.

The Chocolate Interior

Above the purple light from the sea and sky works very well with this cozy and goth interior in fluffy velvet.

The Chocolate Interior

I wanted to test Dagmar’s stage and gave him an acrobat career instead of the firefighter he was originally. Turns out he can’t perform at Dagmar’s place because he’s not experienced enough. I’ll just have to take your word for it then, program 🙂

The Chocolate Interior

The combination of orange, red, blue and purple with brown is really very nice in this room. You may remember the work I did on textures and invisible lights.

The Chocolate Interior

Even outside the lights from Sunlit Tides are very cute.  I’m happy with the selection of this lot to show off on the download. Finding just the right pictures will be hard.

I need some more technical data for the download now, so I’ll get on with installing the unpopulated version to get those.