310716 Sommerro Farm 50×40

This is a tested and planted Farm with lots of plants from Outdoor Retreat. It took me quite some time getting it all together with translations and all. It has been decorated in a Tudor/medieval with modern fusion style. It’s for a family who inherited a farm perhaps, and tries to update it, or perhaps they […]

010116 The Shapes

Livingroom delight

I have removed last times cache files and is ready to move on to the next room. I work on the TV room, but I’m using another one of marcorse design. I’m not totally happy with it. It doesn’t have much texture. The other one for the kitchen didn’t either, but this is more glossy […]

010116 The Shapes


I installed as package files the Vanadium Kitchen by wondymoon, but frankly it’s too industrial. I wonder if the more cutiepie in the middle look would fit better. I needed some curtains and decided on pyszny16‘s College Place Kitchen instead. I have it already. Perhaps I should be going for something more traditional for this house […]

300315 Modern warm/cold

Industrial soft, just soft or something in between?

I still have two lots to finish in ts4. The bakery I have already tested very well, and it just needs a garden at the back. I was thinking about making a garden of harvestables there as well, and with the big hub lot still there, perhaps it’s a shame if I don’t. Then Blackgryffin downloads […]

Recent News

Categories and widgets


I have to reorganize a few things, and some of my widgets as I have them now does not work. The widgets are often plugins for different purposes I choose  to install. They usually go in the sidebar or footer. The Flickr widget isn’t working, which is a bit puzzling. It’s from my present theme […]

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Classic Apartmentbuilding

210916 Apartments coming

I’ve had a few ideas on apartments in this game. One of them turned out to be my favourite yesterday morning. I had a clean game and needed to see if I would have the same problems as on the much bigger farm lot. … and the family I’m using has a lot of harvestable […]

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Changes comes in not so rapid spead … I hope


The blog is ready for maintenance and I need a theme that is going to take me into the 21’th century. Changing a theme is a big thing, but it’s also lots of other things about this blog that’s bothering me. This post has been hanging there in my draft section for a while. I […]

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Crash Cities:Skylines Troubleshooting list

BigIndustry - The End!

I haven’t really been playing that much my Steam games, it didn’t really work for me, but Cities Skylines is different it seems. Unfortunately I have a big problem. It’s now crashing every time I enter, I get as far as the main menu, click on continue and CRASH. Sometimes I don’t even click on […]

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… and an all included farm

310716 Rode

I found this lot on mts it had all the plants from even Outdoor Retreat. It will save me some work. Now when Una has all the skills needed, she should be able to plant them as well. I just need to harvest them at the right time. It was all these colourful plants I haven’t […]

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I cheated my way

310716 Rode

I just didn’t have the stamina to keep on doing this, I just want to kick this house out so I can do something else. I think it may have been weerbesu’s cheat extension making it possible to cheat my way past a full bladder and the herbalism skill? Anyways she’s full of it now […]

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Mods with or without garden

310716 Rode

I tested the fireplace by Severinka, and it kind of exploded? I downloaded a full bakery as well, but I don’t think it works, and it may be outdated. It didn’t look that great either, so I ditched it. Oda didn’t mind the explosions though, so perhaps it’s fine. The garden has developed, and I […]

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Cities: Skylines – Big Industry


I haven’t posted anything not related to Sims on this site, but perhaps I should? Here comes a new town I started earlier. I use several mods, among them 81 tiles, see the full list here. I play full sandbox, and use all the money in the world. I only end up losing money when […]

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More Living, Dining and even Garden

310716 Rode

By the modern livingroom, quite far from the diningroom actually. I made this Livingroom with TV and a diningtable. They have to carry the food though, but I can imagine the diningroom by the kitchen ending up being a pretence in this house. Like you keep it up because it suits the house. Sometimes you […]

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310716 Rode

I was planning to take a look on the herbalism skill for this and perhaps use it in a restaurant […]

Bedroom and more living

310716 Rode

I have finished the main part of this house now and has been looking at mods for the garden plants […]

Farm Bakery

310716 Rode

I keep struggling with Open Broadcaster. Last night I managed to make Cities Skylines work, but ts4 still won’t work. […]

Old and gentle

310716 Rode

Someone has been treating this old house very gentle and loving. From the outside you instantly see an old building […]

290616 The Quartier Termes 40×30

290616 The Return

I took the name from the sauna on the upper floor. Termes is I guess Spa in Italian, or baths. […]